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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Feeling that

Faints.Tearfulness for no apparent reason.Inability long to remain on one place.A habit to fidget on a place.High blood pressure.Stress symptoms at mentality level Constant irritability at communication with people.Feeling that you do not cope daily weary, with which you always successfully consulted.Loss of interest to life statements, I confirm shchy it.Fear constant or arising occasionally to ache.Unconscious sense of guilt.Continuous expectation of failure.Feeling that I bad.Difficulty with decisionmaking.Feeling of unattractiveness of the appearance.

It absolutely

At an issecheniye without anesthesia development of the hormones causing a stress increases, palpitation becomes frequent, the amount of oxygen in blood decreases.By no means it is impossible to delete an extreme flesh at the diseased or premature children.Whether it is possible to apply anesthesia at an issecheniye of an extreme flesh Yes, it is possible and it is necessary to apply local anesthesia.It absolutely frames is given.Over the last years I tried it on nearly one thousand babies.


BAKED PUDDING RICETo cook boiled dairy rice, to cool, add the egg pounded with sugar, to shift in a form oiled and strewed with breadcrumbs, to bake in an oven.Before giving to water with sour cream or jam.Rice milk ml, eggs pieces, sugar it is swept away butter g.BAKED PUDDING RICE WITH CHEESEThe touched and washedout rice to cook minutes in a nebolty quantity of water, then to cast away on a colander, to fill in with hot milk, to salt and cook, periodically stirring slowly, under a cover while milk will not be absorbed in fig.

The conclusion

So, improvement of a condition was observed at % of children in group uncured, at % lechenny and at % accepting neutral substance.The conclusion was drawn that the majority of anticatarrhal preparations possesses platseboeffekty indifferent.It means that if you buy medicine and overcome all difficulties, achievin that your child accepted it, the result, quite probably, will be good.For advantage of the buyer of anticatarrhal preparations let's dart a critical glance at these drugs with doubtful efficiency.

Meat a roll

Meat a roll milk eggs pieces, butter g.F AND THE MEAT STEAMFrom the mincemeat prepared as for cutlets to roll roundish balls in diameter of , cm, to put them on a frying pan, to fill in with water that it reached a half of meatballs, to close a cover and for minutes to put in an oven.Meat bread white water ml.CUTLETS MEAT STEAM, BAKED IN DAIRY SAUCE To prepare meat steam cutlets as it is described above, to shift them on a portsionny frying pan or in the oiled small pan, to fill in I with sauce and to bake in an oven.

To be convinced

Sugar is quickly spent, it leads to that its level in blood again quickly goes down a hypoglycemia the lowered content of glucose in blood.In turn in reply to such low content of sugar in blood hormones which promote removal from a liver of the sugar which was there are developed and send it back to blood.Such fluctuations of sugar in blood and the hormones sent on help, are reflected in behavior of your child.To be convinced of it, observe pranks of the company of the children soiled by cakes on birthday.Try them to pacify! Such sugar is deserved by the name sweet anything as almost all vitamins and mineral substances when processing sugar collapsed.

Cool bath. If the child

The international

For the beginning mothers who do not have in the environment of relatives or girlfriends to whom it would be possible to address for council, feeding by a breast not so surely automatically appears successful.The international league of feeding mothers is a voluntary organization of women and leaders of the groups having experience of chest feedin passed a course and capable to advise beginning mothers.As young parents seldom appear today members of a big family, the group of support can become such family for young mother.In recent months pregnancy visit some meetings of League devoted to the correct equipment of feedin to chest feeding and a family, a practical advice on feeding by a breast.

Therefore it is best

Treatment of lead poisoning Treatment of lead poisoning introduction in a bloodgroove of the child meditsinsky preparations for lead elimination painful, expensive procedure.Besides completely to deduce this toxic substance it is not possible, sometimes there come irreversible changes.Therefore it is best of all to observe measures of prevention of lead poisonings.And, though experts pay huge attention to a problem of preservation of environment, small inhabitants of the cities remain the most vulnerable category.

The day dream

Some researchers believe that the day dream gives forces.Really in the afternoon, both children, and adults fill up many quicker, than at night, and sleep with bigger advantage.Here is how it is possible to accustom the child to a short dream, if it from it otka sleep with it.Probably, you wait, that as soon as the kid will fall asleep, to be engaged in the affairs Leave this incorrect installation.The day dream as is necessary for you, as well as your child.Even if he does not want to sleep, it is useful for it to lie down simply a little.Choose certain time best of all when you most of all were tired and try to doze together with the child in a dark silent room.

Therefore, that

Therefore, that not a stomach, it is necessary to give to the child of food slightly less, than can be located in a stomach, differently its walls will be stretched that promotes an overeating with all that it implies obesity, diabetes, etc..Secretion of gastric juice and activity of its enzymes in the first months of life of the child the low.In this regard the baby not can eat any food as, for example, the adult or the child of more advanced age, and needs a special age diet in chest milk, the children's adapted mixes, with gradual transition on more rough I peep.

Both drank

or oil milk of of pieces pizza with cheese or a sandwich about a mass breakage of a peanut nut of pieces broccoli branch milk of grapes without stones of pieces cheese .fish biscuit in diameter of cm green beans macaroni of St rice pudding with raisin of St Here an example of how the allergy is shown.Alison and Denny the sister and the brother, to it is not present also year.Both drank on a milk glass.Alison feels perfectly, smiles, and at Denny skin reddened, there was a cold, eyes began to water.

At us it is accepted

Over time the child himself will demand a food not more often than times per day.In practice of feeding the relation to a drinking mode of the newborn is basic also.At us it is accepted the baby water, Ringer's solution or the diluted tea from %nym sugar for r water balance.It is thus recommended from to ml of liquid, and at the increased temperature of air to ml.However WHO does not advise to give to drink to the child being on chest feedin especially in lactation formation, and completely excludes use of dummies and others J From the adaptations simulating a nipple of mother.

It is one of the most

But thus you should reflect on the reasons of its escape.For certain and your fault in it too is.The child drinks, smokes, is on drugs.It is one of the most difficult points.Before solvin where to carry a similar act acts, take the following measures show the child to the doctor, find out, at it dependence how developed.Responsibility of the child is that these addictions influence health of the child.Nevertheless the rest mentions also your life too illegality it has consequences and for life of the child; the child comes home drunk or deranged; stores houses drugs and parents are responsible it for the present; gets to a bad story which comes to an end with a drive in militia, statement on the account, judicial proceedings; besides, if the teenager was involved, it can start to take out from the thing house, money, in a deranged condition it is capable to cripple or kill the person.

The party

Parents together in it were at friends.When time of its dream came, mother laid the kid in the bedroom located above.The party was noisy.And suddenly mother felt an alarm signal.She thought My child is very sensitive to noise.Why he did not wake up Poyduka I to look at it In a bedroom it saw the pale and lifeless kid.The father right there made to the child artificial breath of a mouth in a mouth and carried to the doctor.The kid remained is live and healthy.


In this case the child receives a breast during the vulnerable period then at once there comes sound sleep.What could occur, if mother with the child were far apart The child would wake up in the next room and loudly cried to declare the desire.By then, as mother came to it, both already completely would wake up.Remark it is not obligatory to roll the child through itself to feed him with other breast.Instead turn to it so that it was convenient to it to reach a breast which will be above.Mothers experiencing any difficulties at feeding of children on day, ut that if to sleep in the night from the child to feed him easier, no less than in short intervals of a day somnolence if they lie nearby.

In conversations

Conversation in turn.Dialogue assumes a special rhythm behind words slethe pause for the answer blows to speak and listen.In conversations with the child let to it know that ability to listen very important for communication.During the moment when the child attentively listens to you and is silent, it is most susceptible to training to language.Active participation of parents in development by the child of language skills will help you to communicate better.These lessons are valuable not only to the kid, but they will teach much also you.Game in glyadelka.The kid turns the head in your party, ulybayet, publishes any sounds these signs it draws your attention.

Having completely

At the same time, for improvement of digesting ability of a gastroenteric path, it is necessary to accept fermental I type , , etc.ENTSIK LOPEAIYA PITANI I AM REBENK AND During the sharp period of allergic process when will mention a gastrointestinal path, it is necessary to use enveloping food and dishes in the form of the kissels, the wiped krupyany and vegetable dishes.having completely excluded irritating digestive organs I peep.To define a product causing an allergy, and to eliminate it from .cyanogen forever or before treatment help eliminatsionny chayushchy diets, and also maintaining The food diary.

The preference

Infusion drink in a day in stages.One tablespoon of collecting N fill in with glass of boiled water and insist within hours.Infusion accept in stages.u u VOA npu u kidneysIn pyelonephritis and cystitis treatment at children the mineral waters containing useful, chemically active components, especially carbonic acids by which their medical action is defined are widely used.At inflammatory diseases of uric bodies slabomineralny waters as they render the most expressed i effect are recommended.The preference is given to waters which contain ions of r of calcium.m mineral waters it is shown only at sour reaction of urine.

Whether the child

Try to examine the child.Undress him, feel and examine his leg and a foot whether there are no on them bruises, reddenings, inflations or consolidations, whether is sick, when you press hip and anklebone bones.Compare one foot to another move femoral and knee joints, a foot.Whether the child during this moment from pain shudders Examine soles of feet and slightly knock on them to check, whether it is sick to the kid probably, in skin the splinter or a glass slice got stuck.Whether the child is sick Perhaps, it increased temperature, it is in a fever Whether was lately any unpleasant, emotionally injuring events Take the kid, the records and descend on an appointment that about to conduct more careful survey.

To salt at the end of a zharenye. Potatoes


Finally the kid plops down, as a rule, on a stomach and sometimes precisely covers the purpose to which aspired.Be CAREFUL! When the kid starts to master attacks forward, you need to select for it only soft toys as, trying to reach them, he can directly plop down on a toy.Such collision with firm subjects from a tree, metal, plastic can appear very unpleasant.First attempts to creep The first attempts of the kid come to an end to spread failure.In spite of the fact that it had many new skills, to creep to it still very difficultly.

And more

The scale of communication of parents with the child That to you was possible to become valid buffer, to weaken pushes and to soften all blows, probably, first of all it is necessary to us to find a weak spot of the child and to make it not such vulnerable.And more often this place the communication, all sphere of communication of the kid, a postavshchiyets of the most polar emotions from supernegative to a superpolo zhitelny with all nuances of these gradation.But first of all your child, of course, communicates with Va , and climate in a family for it generally depends on you and from your emotions.And climate of a family the indicator of how after all in the house is to the child that he feels, on being gone near you, whether it is humiliated or soars in heavens.

Not to abuse

Its Majesty Child!.Not to remind the child of fear.Not to abuse reading I eat fairy tales and viewing of films.To train in tolerance to fear and management to them, and in ry cases and to counteraction to fear sources measures, the fighter whom the child is afraid, it is possible to intimidate to him, instead of it is simple to recede before it.When the kid is afraid of the dark and the closed space, light a lamp, open doors, stay near it.That it was not terrible to child to sleep, let and the rushka loved yokes will fall asleep in his bed.

Recent researches

Recent researches showed that chest feeding in practice protects bones of mother from osteoporosis.That you had milk, it is not so obligatory to drink milk; cows do not do it! If you do not love milk, or at you on it the allergy, or your organism badly transfers it, you can receive necessary for creation of bones calcium from the following products sardines, salmon fishes, soya and ordinary beans, broccoli, haricot, cress water, cabbage, greens, raisin, dried fi carrot juice, etc.As dairy products nevertheless one of the best sources of calcium, you can use cheese and yogurt if they do not cause in you allergies and a stomach them accepts.

Reflux symptoms

Reflux symptoms at the child frequent attacks of painful shout very different from obycha foot of crying of the kid frequent srygivaniye after feeding they can be combined with plentiful vydeleniye from a nose frequent attacks of gastric pain both in the afternoon, and at night awakening at night from pain concern after food the child rolls out feet, draws in knees to a breast the body of the child is bent or coils from pain sufferings decrease, if the child to take vertically and to lay on a stomach prone, having given lay an inclination at an angle ° frequent and unclear cold, short wind, chest infections a breath delay Remark at the child suffering from a reflux, some of these signs can be shown only.

To fill with

Compoundings of a number of dishes which are desirable for using to children below are given is not more younger than three years, and dishes which it is better to start to give not earlier than five years as they or have irritating effect on are specially notedcountry and intestinal path, or raise nervous system.joint stock company AAYa Aemeu om mpex u mSnackSALAD FROM Garden radish carefully to wash out, douse boiled water and to rub on a large grater, to add small cut green onions, the crushed greens of fennel and parsley, salt.To fill with vegetable oil.for children of capllle of years.ENTSIKLOPEAIYA OF A FOOD OF THE CHILDGarden radish onions fennel and parsley on vegetable oil g.

Besides it is possible

From modern domestic mixes the best are Nutrilak for kids till months of life and Nutrshshk for more FEEDING of the CHILD of the FIRST GOAA of LIFEseniors.Besides it is possible to use Baby, the Baby Istrinsky, the Baby Istrinsky, Winnie.Dairy mix lm Istrinsky it can be applied for 'J' with About to months.Is soluble and does not demand cookin all necessary for the child of chest age mineral r and vitamins.The mix is enriched tauriny, contains lactose and does not contain some sucrose.Is issued in cardboard packs on g.Unlike Babies Istrinsky lm it is intended for children since the birth to three months, demands cooking.

Tie up to the kid under

Rash.Sensitive skin of the child and excessive quantity of a saliva cannot get on, especially if skin constantly irritate with napkins, wiping a saliva.Therefore wait for emergence of a redness on skin round lips and on a chin.Tie up to the kid under a chin a cotton slyunyavchik collecting saliva or when the kid sleeps, put a towel under the head.Surpluses of a saliva carefully delete by means of warm water and a blotter at all do not irritate a child's face with napkins!.Process leather softening natural cream for example, from coconut or almond oil.Cough.During this period the saliva not only plentifully follows from a mouth, but also fills in a back wall of a mouth, getting to a throat.

If thus

the I period of childbirth many women have a vomiting.If thus there are no other pathological symptoms for example, pains in a stomach, a headache, flashing of front sights before eyes, it not terribly and usually happens is connected with change of a tone of vegetative nervous system at the time of delivery, and also with disclosure of a neck of a uterus.Such vomiting usually lasts not for long and does not demand treatment.After the termination of desires on vomiting it is necessary to rinse a mouth water and to make Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONthe throat, but no more not to provoke a new attack of nausea.

It is more

Look, as now he throws a ball.Having risen on one knee and leaning other foot set aside back, he throws a ball all hand.It is more advanced throw remember, earlier the elbow was involved in a throw only.To throw and kick a ball.Take care, baseball! Development of this sport begins.The kid can throw a ball from a breast and because of the head is much farther, than earlier.This game has great informative value.As the small athlete looks for more effective receptions, he needs to think, as it is better to dispose of a ball where it to throw, with what force, what parts of a body should it help thus.

To me has the luck

To me has the luck to be the witness to this brave fight and to hear stories of several such men.They helped me to understand uniqueness of a man's way to courage, and I am grateful to them for it.I decided to write this book together with the husband Don that my son could grow free and turn into the finest man whom, naturally, it and is.When I, Don, reached majority and there was it just at movement peak for release of women I had an ideal of the man what I, according to the assumption, should become friendly, realizing own feelings and understanding feelings of others.

You that

If children of school age who will replace the nurse if they fall ill If it has a child of preschool age and she wants it to brin discuss this option.See them together the nurse with her child to look, as they get on among themselves, feel temperament and character of her child.You that your kid spent day in the company of this child would like You should realize that always there will be a division into my and this child.If her child passes the same stage of high inquiries, as yours, guess, who will be given more attention How many you are going to look after my child It is especially important, whether your child can approach with the nurse.

The general

fresh fruit apples, etc.g.After from maternity hospital the diet of feeding mother should contain g of protein, from them about % of an animal origin; IYA IYA BENKA g of fat, from them % at the expense of vegetative fats; g of carbohydrates.The general power value of food within kcal that on kcal is higher than the usual.To provide itself with such quantity of food substances, the woman needs to include daily in the house food allowance of g of milk of integral, g of sourmilk products, g of cottage cheese, g of sour cream, g of cheese, g of meat, g of fish, an egg half, g of rye bread, g of white grain bread, g of macaroni, a croup, g of wheat flour, g of sugar, g of butter, g of vegetable oil, g of potatoes, g of vegetables, g of fruit and berries, g of fruit and vegetable juice, g of dried fruits, , g of tea, g of salt.

If to massage

Growth pain.Growth is not painful, at least physically.The majority of orthopedists consider emergence of pains of growth by the myth.Pains about which there is a speech, appear at night and awake the child, he starts to complain I am hurt by legs.If to massage legs, there comes simplification.Gradually the child will simply outgrow this period.I consider that the reason of such pains can be quite connected with the muscles tired of a pryganye and jumping all day without a break.Besides, at some children such pains passed, when to them in boots put the inserts lifting dredging on a foot.

However more

Having observed the kid some time, you depending on a condition of the child solve, whether it is necessary to address to the doctor.However more than to external signs, it is necessary to trust the vnutrento it to a voice which I call a maternal instinct.I learned to trust it in the same measure, as the most sensitive electronics.If this voice dictates to you that something not so, call the doctor tell about a condition of the child, ask for suggestions, explain that you confuses.

The kid remembered

Stephen loved some fruit delicacies therefore we explained to him that if he will behave well, passing on infinite corridors of a supermarket, on one of the last counters, at the end of a way, will find this delicacy.The kid remembered this counter and aspired to it.From time to time we reminded We go to take your favourite delicacy, as a result it was possible to us to make purchases for all week, and without traditional scandal! To me and mine.Often the small yearold owner zealously protects borders of the territory and refuses to divide the place even with brothers and sisters.

Then together

The weight is good for mixin in the sterilized glass jars, from above m a layer of granulated sugar and to close pergament paper or plastic i.Berries of a black currant k sugar kg.SOUFFLE FROM PRUNES ON KSILITAEgg whites to shake up, gradually adding .Prunes to wash out, fill in with a small amount of hot water, to boil thoroughly minutes and let's be insisted minutes.Then together with broth to wipe prunes through a sieve, to finish mashed potatoes to boiling and to enter, stirring slowly, proteins.Weight in the oiled form and in an oven of minutes.

Everything wants

Everything wants itself, and is not able yet.Really mother and the father do not understand, what their help to me is not necessary the kid thinks, confirming the I.Really they do not see, what I clever, what beautiful! I the best! admires by itself a nok during the period of the first love to, having new dizzy a feeling I!It allocated itselfhimself as I among a set surround his shchy people, opposed myself of It the difference from them wants under to strike.I! Its Majesty Child!.I! I.And this statement of Yasystem a personality basis by the end of the early childhood.

If the child

Watch, that the opening in a nipple was not neither too bi nor too small.If the child has a full mouth of milk, it chokes and almost chokes, the stream of milk can appear too strong.Overturn a small bottle down, without stirring up.If milk flows a stream, instead of drips, the opening in a nipple is too great; will throw out this dummy If you see that the child intensively sucks and quickly is tired, and his cheeks sink down because of a strong prisasyvaniye, the opening in a nipple can appear too small as it was already told, should pass a mix through a dummy with a speed at least one drop in a second Learn to define, when it is necessary to finish feeding the Child knows, when to it will suffice Avoid aspiration always all mix from a small bottle If the child strong falls asleep by the feeding end, without having exhausted all from a small bottle, clean it Often the child starts to doze, but He thus continues to suck ate already enough, but enjoys a sosaniye.

Both for the senior

It you will let to it know that are occupied and he should wait.Both for the senior children in a family, and for your pet appearance of the new child after some initial decrease in mood will be replaced by splash in attention to it.Veterinarians advise to bring from clinic a sheet from under the child that the pet could get used to a smell of the kid before his emergence.And, of course, if the cat or a dog got used to divide with you a bed, disaccustom them to it before in a bedroom there will be a new lodger.

You earn money, the child

If for you becomes a problem that from the child unpleasantly smells, you should erase his dirty clothes, sign the contract.For example, if he does not wash a hand before food, you can refuse to feed him while it will not wash them.Do not worry, he will not die of hunger.He carelessly treats expensive things, clothes.You earn money, the child is not present.You to it buy things, and it spoils them.It is natural that the adult, compelled to earn money for the maintenance of and families, feels offended when sees how the child addresses with the things bought to it.


To add a spoon of honey and small cut nuts.ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDTo leave on half an hour, and it is better for the night that is in the morning on an empty stomach.Before food to flakes to add polished big apple, juice of a half of a lemon and if there is no lemon, is a little juice of any sour fruit for example, cherries.Salad it is possible , but it is better to do without it as sugar eats zinc and selenium.It is better to add honey or any seasonal berries, for example fresh raspberry or strawberry in the winter frozen or wiped with sugar.

To look for the reasons

To release it from stamps, having pulled out them, as if weeds.To teach replacement of monologues with dialogues.To reduce to a minimum number an echo words.To look for the reasons of his fears and to liquidate them time and on always.To encourage the child during those moments when you feel that he feels fear.To think out with it games where it would triumph over the hy.Not to speak in the presence of the child about his acts irritating all of you.Its Majesty Child!.To try to level aggression, but at the same time not for to be about what it is frequent main and a ny source of all contacts of the autichny child with external rum, and also its means of defense.

Now they most

Then the child is returned by mothers.The feelings tested after the birth of the child as are individual, as feelings after love proximity.Many mothers start to be shone at once with motherhood, they are joyfully excited, as the athlete after the victorious finish.It is love at first sight, they cannot wait, when their hands will feel a little body of the child, they start to nurse the kid through fractions of a second after the birth.Others feel sense of relief that childbirth behind that the child was born the normal.Now they most of all want to have a sleep and come to the senses.As one mother after prolonged hard childbirth told Let's to me have a sleep some hours, to take a shower, brush hair and I will be engaged in the child.

Then to compare

Then to compare the answers to answers of other close relatives the father, the grandmother, the grandfather, tutors of the child and to draw the corresponding conclusion.Criteria of the main properties distemper of the cop of the childapproximate for parents Prevailing traits of characterwhat lines a Terra prevail atYour child Characteristic cher you emotionally and most sty emotions what emotions yours the nok is endured by Benno's wasp stronglyThe general type of nervous system and temperament of the child Stron counterbalanced, mobilesanguine person Cheerfulness, wholesalemizm, tendency to risk, kompromissnost, flexibility, efficiency, the telnost is general, is collectednost Positive emotionsStron counterbalanced, inertphlegmatic person Tranquillity, honey a litelnost, net a roplivost, a ner a storopnost, being a telnost, Solid a nost, a lowemotionality, erased a zhannost, not slope a nost to risk, the worldlyuby There are no rough reactions to the surrounding.

One my acquaintance, without

Operating in that area which is well familiar to it, the child gets confidence, namely it underlies leadership.One my acquaintance, without shining especially in study, nevertheless was the fine sportswoman.Constantly participated in competitions on handball, in it invited in city team, but.Mother was against.She considered that sports it is frivolous, it is necessary to get a grain profession, to marry etc.The daughter did not go against the will of mother.

To try to save

Explain to the child that, whatever there were high abilities in any area, it is necessary to believe first of all in success, that it can make it.The one who believes in success, and it achieves, and entrains others.People always follow that who trusts in a positive outcome, rather than behind that who always doubts everything more willingly.To try to save the child from mistakes natural desire of parents, but remember that best of all people study on the mistakes.Therefore it is not necessary to blow off from the child of a mote and to warn against any erroneous step.

As the second

A FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE BY AYETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASESFirst courses should be krupyany from rice, buckwheat, millet, oat grain, a mix of different grain, a vegetablekrupyanymi or fruktovokrupyany.As the second dishes i boiled meat, steam cutlets, a meat and fish souffle, krupyany porridges with addition of vegetables; dishes from cottage cheese a puddin tvorozhnik, vareniki with cottage cheese, a cottage cheese and rice baked puddin lazy vareniki, and dishes from eggs boiled eggs, an omelette, an omelette with carrots.As the third dishes it is necessary to use fresh fruit, berries, juice natural, kissels and compotes from fresh fruit and berries, a berry juice cranberry, dogrose infusion.

Use capacities

At storage of milk observe the following rules Wash hands before starting collecting milk.Use glasswares or ware from special plastic.Use capacities on ml, and of them zapol only on ml to you milk will be easier to warm up some and there will be less losses.The bags deep freezes which have been specially designed for cooling and storage of chest milk, tightly being closed and sterilized, it is possible to get according to the catalog of League of feeding mothers.Do not fill capacity up to the top, leave a place for expansion moLock when freezing.

Such weight

At this time the increase in growth, instead of weight goes faster rates; some stocks of the fat which have been saved up for the st year of life are spent for growth also.Such weight loss an everyday occurrence on the nd year of life of the child though some parents consider that the reason of it in malnutrition of the kid, and very much worry about it.Feeding of the child of years has the features connected with his development and change of behavior.Recently learned long go the child cannot to sit quietly on one place, including at the table during feeding.Children are too keen on the continued researches on all house, and this feature should be considered in their mode.

Do not give

, hold the ground.You can tell Yes, I understand that you would like to make it then, but I want, that the room was pure now.What he spoke to you, answer it that you want, that your desire was executed immediately.Do not give in on provocation, do not answer its questions why right now why not then, why it is necessary, etc., do not justify and do not prove anything.Simply quietly insist on the.If the child tries to leave from you, do not run behind it, be engaged in the affairs.It will appear, then continue conversation in the same style.

Growth, , kgkalor. days

Names proisgo

Let's contemplate a problem of fats as a whole.Language of experts abounds with such difficult terms for designation of fats, as saturated, nonsaturated, monononsaturated, polynonsaturated, triglycerides, fat acids, lipids.It is necessary for parents to know, how many and what fats the child should receive them.Distinguish two types of fats saturated and nonsaturated.Names proisgo from their chemical composition.Molecules of fat have small hooks communications.

Whether these

He about it did not ask anybody! Therefore parents should safeguard the child, warn any dangerous situations, protect the child from sufferings, troubles, mistakes and failures.Whether these statements belong to your belief It what you apply to the child But think, often parents want to bring up that they already have in the children, but mother with the father do not see it.Certainly, always easier to say that neighbour's Sascha such polite, always greets, tells thanks, and Masha at Thani's aunt always helps mother to wash the dishes.And your child Whether such it bad how you try to tell the blurts After all for certain it too has the merits which you, having got used to the child, any more do not notice in it.

At women inclined

Quiet music switches vegetative nervous system to energy accumulation in an organism operates, using the medical term, in the trofotropny direction.At women inclined to a depression individually picked up music is capable to improve mood, m toning action.It is necessary to tell about a role of the husband the father of future child in creation of a quiet situation during this responsible period for a family.How the husband expresses the relation in trifles as cares of the wife all this influences mood and health, selfimage and selfesteem of the woman and is reflected in the child.As the woman in the first months of pregnancy happens in very intense emotional condition, it is important to future father to react not too sharply to its possible whims and failures } on trifles.

The instinct

At this time it is not necessary to move to the new house or to pass to other work.If it is possible, make all this long before the birth of the child.The instinct of a house nest is very strong at mother, the ruined nest oppresses her.Share cares of the child.Mothers do not possess an exclusive right to the newborn.The role of fathers is very important.They in own way become attached to the child and enter with it contact, make the contribution to education and development of the child.It is not less and no more, than a contribution of mother, it simply another.


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